Creating a Condition Report for Artwork

The Creating a Living Legacy (CALL) initiative provides artists with resources and instruction in the areas of career documentation, inventory management, and legacy planning. This is one in a series of DIY Archive Toolkit resources, providing practical tips in organizing and preserving your body of work.

A condition report is documentation detailing an artwork’s complete physical appearance, an important practice to maintain before shipping, storage, or exhibition. The below webinars will walk you through creating a Condition Report for artworks with Michelle A. Kinney, Museum Collections and Exhibitions Consultant. Companion templates used in the webinars are available for download below.

Webinar 1

Completing a Condition Report for Works-on-Paper

Download Condition Report Template, Works on Paper (Word document, 25 KB)

Webinar 2

Completing a Condition Report for a Three-Dimensional Object

Download Condition Report Template, Three-Dimensional Objects (Word document, 25 KB)

Webinar 3

Completing a Condition Report for a Painting

Download Condition Report Template, Paintings (Word document, 25 KB)