Gabrielle Garcia-Steib

New Orleans, Louisiana

About Gabrielle Garcia-Steib

Gabrielle Garcia-Steib is a multidisciplinary artist and educator who was born in New Orleans in 1994. She is a graduate of NOCCA and Loyola University of New Orleans, with a BA in English and Digital Media. Gabrielle blends mediums such as archiving, painting, documentary photography, and audio as forms of healing and communication. Her work has been exhibited for the past three years at PhotoNola, and she was included in the Contemporary Art Center New Orleans’s Constructing the Break exhibition in 2018. Most recently, she collaborated with three artists on an installation for Nrmal Festival in Mexico City. She has taught narrative storytelling workshops through NOMA and Our Voice Nuestra Voz, with whom she has a fellowship.

Program Participation

Early Art Practitioners Residency, 2019

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To be an artist is to be a witness—we are keepers of the culture, vessels of communication, pain, and resistance. Storytelling through various mediums is a way I have been able to heal my own history, and document those around me who are constantly confronted with erasure.”