CALL Career Documentation Guide

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CALL Career Documentation Guide


This workbook and the accompanying audio guide were created to support the artists participating in the Creating a Living Legacy (CALL) program create their own archives. The Foundation publicly released the guide to help other artists and their supporters who are beginning the process of career documentation.

Topics covered in this archive planning and resource guide include:

  • Setting goals for your archive
  • Working with a Legacy Specialist
  • Creating an artwork inventory
  • Photographing your work
  • Protecting your work

This guide was originally published in 2012, and reprinted with minor edits in 2015.


CALL Career Documentation Guide


Joan Mitchell Foundation


Publication, Audio


Estate Planning, Studio Organization

Associated Program

Creating a Living Legacy

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The process of career documentation is about valuing your artwork and your career. At any point in an artist’s career, documenting and inventorying artwork can be an immensely personal and emotionally complex process... The process requires that you assign value to what can often seem intangible, and the task, in its enormity, can at times be overwhelming and anxiety producing. Keep in mind the purpose of archiving, which is to value your artwork. Ultimately, through creating a system of documentation, you will be closer to achieving your art career, life, and legacy goals.”

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