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Thomas Tucker

Blacksburg, Virginia

Artworks shown are selected from works submitted by the artist in their grant or residency application. All works are copyright of the artist or artist’s estate.

About Thomas Tucker

Program Participation

Joan Mitchell Center Residency, 2013

MFA Grant, 1998

p>The heart of my intellectual and spiritual philosophy is embedded in my drawings. During meditation, complex shapes and movements come into my mind’s eye. After seeing these shapes, I develop theories to describe their environments and how they move in relation to each other. Through drawings, I analyze their unique subatomic structures. These atomic structures react to one another according to norms different from those traditionally associated with physics. In my work I visually create rules that depart from traditional interactions of the subatomic level in a weightless environment. During meditation, I make up to 60 preliminary drawings. In the next phase, I construct the final drawings, which include ideas stemming from my invented mathematical formulas. Influenced by meditation, these delicate and elegant forms are then taken into a new stage, which incorporates the use of storyboard process.

I then take the storyboard ideas and model the forms in Maya, a 3D animation program. Then I begin the laborious process of animating the forms to follow the mathematical theory. Sound is later added to the final rendering of the work to solidify the animation. Thus, with the sound, the visual synthesis of the animation brings physical movements to the final drawings.

While not literal abstractions from nature, ultimately my pieces are metaphors for the quintessential rhythms activating the universe. The motions of animation, in conjunction with sound, create new identities in our visual repertoire.