Emerging Artist Grant Program Finalist Awards

In addition to the Emerging Artist Grant recently awarded to ten artists, the Joan Mitchell Foundation wishes to recognize six additional artists with the Emerging Artist Grant Finalist Award. We want to acknowledge both the strength of the finalist group, and the weight of reaching this point in a very competitive grant process. These six artists progressed to the final interview round, and we congratulate them on the quality of their work and accomplishment.

The below six artists will be given an Emerging Artist Grant Program Finalist Award in the amount of $1,500, and will be eligible for nomination for future programs, and other opportunities available to the Joan Mitchell Foundation grant recipient pool.

Morehshin Allahyari
Oakland, CA

From left to right: Dark Matter: #dog#dildo#satellite-dish, 2013, 6 x 8 x 3 inches, 3D Printing. Dark Matter: #buddha #simpson, 2014, 7 x 5 x 4 inches, 3D Printing. Material Speculation: ISIS, 2015/In Progress, 9 x 6 x 4 inches, digital fabrication, 3D Printing, Flash Drive. Material Speculation: ISIS, 2015/In Progress, dimensions variable, Digital Fabrication, 3D Printing, Flash Drive.

Lili Bernard
Los Angeles, CA

From left to right: Caroline (after Édouard Manet’s Olympia, 1863), 2012, 72 x 60 inches, oil on canvas. Carlota Leading the People (after Eugene Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People, 1830), 2011, 72 x 60 inches, oil on canvas. The Sale of Venus (after Sandro Botecelli’s The Birth of Venus, 1486), 2011, 72 x 60 inches, oil on canvas. Blessed Mother and the Dragon, 2011, 36 x 48 inches, oil on canvas.

Beatrice Glow
Queens, NY

From left to right: Floating Library, October 2014, interactive social sculpture, one-month library aboard a ship (174 ft by 32 ft). Colonial Color Palette, March 2015, 4 x 4 x 1.5 inches each, acrylic on birchwood canvas. The Queen’s Husband, April 2015, 14 in. x 11 inches, acrylic on canvas. RHUNHATTAN (Installation Study), June 2015, dimensions variable, found porcelain, collage, scent, clay.

Woomin Kim
Chicago, IL

From left to right: Depth of Surface, 2015, dimensions variable, objects, paraffin wax. Sanded Objects (detail), 2015, dimensions variable, sanded objects. Gray from Walking, Jan 2014 ~ Dec 2014, durational, shoes, white thread, dust from street. Erased Self-portraits (collected eraser shavings), 2014, dimensions variable, pencil on paper, eraser shavings.

Shizu Saldamando
Los Angeles, CA

From left to right: Sandra and Tammy, Hollywood Forever, 2013, 4 x 5 feet, oil paint, gold leaf, mixed media on wood. May, After the Break-up, 2011, 48 x 36 inches, oil paint, gold leaf, collage on wood. Joe with Gran Legacy, 2013, 32 x2 5 inches, colored pencil on paper. La Sandra, 2014, 25 x 32 inches, colored pencil, spray paint, glitter on paper.

Anja Ulfeldt
Oakland, CA

From left to right: Domestic Infrastructure #2, 2014. cast iron drain pipes, antique hand pump, electric pump, plumbing and audio equipment. Time Machines 1-4, 2015, wood, donated personal possessions, custom electronics. The Hustle, 2015, steel, wood, upholstery, mechanical parts. Obstacles, 2012, concrete, wood, custom audio equipment.

Artworks shown are selected from works submitted by the artist in their grant application. For more about the Emerging Artist Grant Program, the selection process and recipients, please visit the program page here.

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