Emerging Artist Grant 2015 Catalog

We are pleased to share the publication of the 2015 Emerging Artist Grant Catalog. The catalog includes essays by Jessica Lynne and Charlie Tatum and features the 10 grant recipients: Greta Bank, Adriana Corral, Kerry Downey, Maria Gaspar, Joiri Minaya, Irvin Morazan, Nontsikelelo Mutiti, Shani Peters, Wendy Red Star, and Tattfoo Tan. This publication is one of the professional development opportunities offered as a part of the Emerging Artist Grant Pilot Program, in addition to the unrestricted grant of $12,000 per artist. To learn more about the program and all its recipients, visit the Emerging Artist Grant Pilot Program page here.

View or download a free PDF of the catalog here.

The book is also available for printing on demand here.