CALL/VoCA Talk: Lesley Dill

I wanted these figures to be frontal, but from the side, to almost be as if they didn't exist. Because that is life, right? We're here, and then we're not here. We see things, and then we don't see things.”

Lesley Dill

On November 14, 2019, Lesley Dill and Robin Clark explored the ways that Dill’s work interweaves, sutures, and unfolds the territories of language and visual art. Dill’s elegant sculptures, works on paper, multimedia installations, and performances draw from her travels abroad, her deep research of spiritual traditions, and the materiality of text.

This event was one of a series hosted in partnership with VoCA to highlight the innovative CALL initiative while also underscoring the crucial need for dialogue with artists around the production, presentation, and preservation of their work. The full-length Talk is below, and transcripts of VoCA Talks are available upon request. Please direct queries to [email protected].