An Announcement from the Foundation’s Board of Directors

Following a year of evaluating the Joan Mitchell Foundation’s organizational structure, the Board of Directors announces that it is modifying the management of the Foundation through the development of a new leadership team.

The Board and Carolyn Somers have decided that now is the right time for such change, and effective January 1st, 2015, Carolyn will step down from her position as Executive Director. The Board anticipates announcing the members of the Foundation’s new leadership team in the near future.

The Board is grateful to Carolyn for her significant contributions and outstanding service throughout the two decades she has been with the Foundation. Carolyn brought vision and energy to the organization. She led the Foundation during its formative years and was passionately committed to its mission. She’s been a champion for its vision and helped develop innovative programs that will continue to make an impact.

From Carolyn Somers: “After two decades of working with the Foundation in many capacities, as a Founding Member, officer and most importantly, as its Executive Director for the past ten years, it is time for me to move on. My time with the Foundation has been challenging, but also immensely satisfying and I leave feeling that I have contributed to its growth and success. I am delighted that I have been able to help guide the Foundation from its earliest days to its current position and I am confident that the Foundation is in an excellent place, with its talented staff and dedicated Board, to continue to play a valuable role as an advocate for individual artists.”

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