Residencies in 2024 at the Joan Mitchell Center: Who Can Apply and What Is New

Toccarra A. H. Thomas

Standing in a white walled studio, a white woman with dark hair in a loose bun reaches for paintbrushes on a cart filled with painting supplies. On the walls are two large abstract paintings on unstretched canvas, filled with energetic gestural strokes creating tangles of movement.
Artist-in-Residence Ann Marie Auricchio in her studio at the Joan Mitchell Center, 2021. Photo by Cfreedom Photography.

From June 5 to July 31, the Joan Mitchell Center will be accepting applications for its 2024 visual artist residencies. Eligible artists must either be residents of New Orleans (for the last five years) or native to New Orleans, or be a former grant recipient of the Joan Mitchell Foundation based anywhere in the United States. Former Artists-in-Residence of the Center are not eligible to apply, with the exception of the JMF Early Art Practitioners (EAP).

Selected artists will receive private studio space at the Center for 6 weeks or 14 weeks in either the Spring or Fall 2024 residency session or for 6 weeks during our Summer session. Artists-in-Residence also receive a $150 weekly stipend, weekday communal meals, and opportunities to participate in professional development and community events.

A white-walled studio with high angled ceiling and a plywood floor, outfitted with a high and low working tables, metal shelves, and metal utility sink. Sunlight streams in from a square skylight, and greenery peeks through a tall narrow window.
A studio at the Joan Mitchell Center, photo by Melissa Dean.

The 2024 residency program reflects scheduling adjustments that have come out of the Center’s current strategic planning process. Responsive to feedback from artists and others in our community, staff reflections, and equitable practices in the field, this planning process will shift the structure of the residency for 2024 and the coming years, as we continue to grow and evolve.

Here’s what’s new for 2024:

We increased the number of sessions hosted at the Center.

The new program calendar creates three defined sessions (Spring, Summer, Fall) for both National and New Orleans-based artists, whereas there used to be two (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter). The new program calendar is divided into 14-week Spring and Fall sessions and a 6 week Summer session.

Additionally, the updated calendar addresses the end-of-the-year interruption to studio access that previously existed due to the Center’s winter break schedule at the end of December, as the Fall session will conclude on December 20.

We have changed the duration of the residencies for both National and New Orleans-based Artists.

For 2024, all applicants are able to indicate a preference for 6- or 14-week residencies at the Center, although residencies durations are based on availability. Previously, residencies that only took place in the summer were not available to New Orleans-based artists, because they only had access to 5-month residencies.

By defining three distinct sessions, we strive to provide more flexibility to New Orleans-based applicants who may not have been able to commit to the past mandatory five-month residency duration. The changes also support a greater sense of community onsite, with New Orleans-based and National participants arriving and departing from the program at similar times.

Please note that, in rare cases, we may consider an application for a residency 1-month in length, but those applicants should be in communication with us before submitting an application.

How can folks learn more about the residency program and the application process?

We will be hosting in-person and virtual information sessions about the residency program during the application period. These presentations will include an overview of the residency program, best practices for your application, and time for questions from attendees. Save the dates for one of the following sessions:

  • In-person info session: Wednesday, June 21, 11:00am CT

  • Virtual info session: Thursday, June 22, 3:00pm CT

We look forward to sharing more news from the Joan Mitchell Center as we continue to plan for 2024 and beyond!

A group of 8 people of various ages and appearance sit in a circle on a wooden planked porch smiling and talking. Behind them, vining plants hang over a vertical scaffolding, with palm plants, a green lawn and residential buildings beyond.
Joan Mitchell Artists-in-Residence and staff on the porch of the studio building. Photo by Stephanie Travers.

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