Jamil Khoury

Chicago, Illinois

About Jamil Khoury

Jamil Khoury is the Founding Artistic Director of Silk Road Rising, an art-making and art service organization that shapes conversations about Asian and Middle Eastern Americans. A theatre producer, playwright, essayist, and filmmaker, Khoury’s plays include Mosque Alert, Precious Stones, and Fitna: Chaos as Woman in the Arab World. He conceived of and was a featured playwright in The DNA Trail: A Genealogy of Short Plays about Ancestry, Identity, and Utter Confusion for which he wrote the short play WASP: White Arab Slovak Pole. He also devised two critically acclaimed cabarets, Broadway Sings the Silk Road and Re-Spiced: A Silk Road Cabaret.

Khoury’s video/film work includes the animated short film The Four Hijabs (2016), which he co-wrote with Dr. Manal Hamzeh. His video plays include Multi Meets Poly: Multiculturalism and Polyculturalism Go On a First Date, The Balancing Arab, and both/and. His documentary films include Sacred Stages: A Church, a Theatre, and a Story and Not Quite White: Arabs, Slavs, and the Contours of Contested Whiteness. Khoury’s current video play-in-progress, Obstacle Course, will be released in 2019.

Program Participation

Joan Mitchell Center Residency, 2019

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