Bruce Davenport, Jr.

New Orleans, Louisiana

About Bruce Davenport, Jr.

I am a native New Orleanian who grew up in the Lafitte public housing projects in the Sixth ward. I started drawing stick men at the age of five as a means to entertain myself inside the apartment where my loving grandparents, James and Maritha Abrams, raised me. Without their love & discipline I wouldn’t be here today.

Program Participation

Joan Mitchell Center Residency, 2013

Painters & Sculptors Grant, 2010

I’m mostly known for my drawings of New Orleans public school marching bands: The marching bands are a passion to me. I love the history and culture. Without the band, a lot of kids wouldn’t have a reason or make the effort to graduate from high school and go on in life to achieve goodness and stay focused.

Marching bands are a big part of New Orleans’ culture, but since Hurricane Katrina, many are struggling, especially high school bands. My work serves as an illustrative reminder of an activity that not only encourages creative thought processing, but also engages youth with their community and with each other.

Using photographic documentation of these bands in action, I recreate their vibrant pageantry with Sharpie pens and color acid-free markers on poster-board or paper in the same visual manner as Egyptian hieroglyphics, hopefully leaving behind a sacred reminder of a vibrant part of my hometown’s identity. I keep the FAITH! God is good all the TIME!!”