Pat Lee

New Orleans, Louisiana

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About Pat Lee

Pat Lee is a self-taught, New Orleans-based visual artist and sculptor. He was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, raised in New York City, and lived for over a decade in Mexico. He learned much of his craft by drawing and sculpting in the studio of his father, painter Long Looi Lee. Pat’s work is narrative-driven, often dealing with the human condition and social conditioning. His preferred medium is clay, but he has also worked in fiberglass, stone, plaster, wood, metal, and resin. Pat has been a full-time artist since 2005, and has participated in numerous group and solo shows throughout New Orleans, New York, Houston, and Mexico.

Program Participation

Joan Mitchell Center Residency, 2021

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The inspiration for my figurative sculptures sometimes comes from aesthetic associations. My son’s question, “Where do babies come from?”, sparked a six-month exploration of a new material in order to actualize the vision I had of a giant stork head, held aloft by a pregnant woman in a one-legged posture inspired by the Masai, and meant to evoke the posture of a crane.”