Joan Mitchell Center Overview

The Joan Mitchell Center in New Orleans

About the Center

Based in the culturally diverse and historic city of New Orleans, the Joan Mitchell Center’s mission is to support local, national, and international contemporary visual artists.

The Joan Mitchell Center is an artist residency center developed to offer both time and space for artists to create work in a contemplative environment. In addition to the Artist-in-Residence Program, the Center curates and produces public programming that serves the broader community of New Orleans, and endeavors to serve as an incubator, conduit and resource for partnerships in the arts.

Through providing a forum for artists, and acting as a welcoming, inclusive gathering place, the Center aspires to be a place for creation, innovation and transformation, while supporting values of community, diversity and social equity.

For more information on Joan Mitchell Center, please contact us at

2275 Bayou Road
New Orleans, LA 70119
office: 504-940-2500
fax: 504-940-2501

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Visit our microsite, which focuses on the artists currently in residence, public events, and special projects!