New CALL / VoCA Talks Released on Video

We are pleased to announce that videos of the 2019-20 season of CALL / VoCA Talks are now available online

This series was first established five years ago as an extension of the Foundation’s Creating a Living Legacy (CALL) initiative, which provides artists with resources and instruction in the areas of studio organization, archiving, and inventory management. The Talks feature artists who participated in the CALL initiative between 2010 and 2016 in dialogue with arts professionals from the VoCA (Voices in Contemporary Art) community who volunteer to spend a year meeting with the artists to develop an intimate understanding of their work and needs for documentation and preservation. The Talks provide a platform to make the behind-the-scenes discoveries of this process public, offering insights to artists and others in the field.

Lesley Dill, in conversation with Robin Clark

"I wanted these figures to be frontal, but from the side, to almost be as if they didn't exist. Because that is life, right? We're here, and then we're not here. We see things, and then we don't see things."



Gladys Triana, in conversation with Dr. Ruth del Fresno-Guillem 


"The oldest masters liked to paint the Venus—semi-nude, elegant... And I said, when I make a Venus, this will be a powerful mujer... the power of a strong person that wants to live with freedom in her own. And I was doing it."

Legacy Specialists Lehna Huie and Beth Krebs, moderated by Christie Mitchell

"As artists, we forget our work sometimes. And so, when we're reflecting back on pieces and pulling through the flat files and thinking through all those decades of work... there are some emotional moments and it really brings it back down to earth for me."⁣

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